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UK Based company, dealing with Antique and Vintage Teddy Bear Sales........
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Including the following recognised major manufacturers .... Farnell, Chad Valley, Steiff, Merrythought, Deans, Ideal, Erris Toys, Tara Toys, Chiltern, Petz, Cramer, Hermann, W J Terry, Invicta, Bing, Knickerbocker, Strunz, Pixie Toys, Fadap, Pintel, Aetna, Bruin, Joy Toys, Fideston Toys, and Emil.

Please note that delivery of all bears within the UK is

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Should there be any Antique or Vintage Teddy Bear on this site that you might consider purchasing, then please remember that we have an excellent Layaway Package available, to ease what can be an expensive outlay.
For further details, please see our Click here to go to the "Ordering Page".

All bears sold through this website are classified as Adult Collectables, so should not be considered as children's toys or playthings.
This is due to the composition and age of the Antique and Vintage Bears themselves.
We will therefore only sell our products with this in mind, and cannot be held responsible for any occurrences with bears or parts of bears sold by us, whether that occurrence arise through an external or an internal part of the bears in question .....

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For the lovers of Antique and Vintage Teddy Bears ...
Stepping back to their earliest beginnings ...
Keeping alive the great romance that is borne through contact with an original piece of history ...
Experiencing the sheer mysticism combined with a unique quality that these wonderful creations emanate from each enchanting face ...
Christine and Mike have turned what was initially a casual hobby, into an all-consuming venture. A venture that follows the very path and passage of both Antique teddy bears and Vintage teddy bears, delving deep into the origins of everything from the original ideas, through to the provision, availability and ultimate usage of all materials that form the basis of these amazing creatures.
The gradual changes made through the various manufacturers in their efforts to provide what was originally a child's toy of comfort, has witnessed the evolution of more than one hundred years pass into yet another era of development.
Evolution Bears is the result of the venture tied into it's historic connections. We deal with many amazing makes, types, designs, origins and eras embracing Antique and Vintage Bears, in both the sale aspect and the sympathetic restoration side. We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website.
Evolution Bears exists to place both Antique and Vintage Teddy Bears into new periods of adoption with collectors worldwide. We are also able to professionally restore these wonderful pieces of history, in an effort to prolong their lives, as well as prolonging the joy they bring to all concerned with them.
Please rest assured that we hold a great love and affection for all teddy bears that spend a period of adoption, or restoration time with us, no matter how long or brief that period might be. We exist to further the life expectancy of all bruins who enter our 'hug'. This takes many forms, not least of which is the sympathetic and realistic restoration level we reach, should that indeed be seen as necessary.
Cleaning is undertaken, again, as far as is realistically possible, considering the general condition of, and allowable access to, the areas that require it the most. In nearly all cases, this is the superficial side of the bears covering. But whatever the treatment that is necessary, it is always administered with a great deal of care and attention. The number one priority is the maintenance of existing features at the level they have reached in the then present time.
** It is very important to state the importance of us not attempting to create a bear that appears newer than it should be. Ethically, doing so would be so very wrong.**
Teddy Bears are our 'family'. They certainly deserve to be treated in this way, returning, as they do, a tremendous satisfaction and love a thousand fold .....

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